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Executive Searches

Help You with Planning and Preparation

The period of time (which can be up to a year) preceding a change in district leadership serves as a window of opportunity for the board of education to examine school district strengths, barriers to educational improvement, leadership styles, and other critical issues such as board elections and financial issues. Finding Leaders uses this time of planning and preparation to help the board create a leadership transition plan that preserves the best of the past and secures the promise of the future.


Do the Search


To avoid the “potholes” of the leadership transition and search process, Finding Leaders works closely with the school board to:

  • help determine the desired qualities and characteristics of the new leader

  • advertise the job opening to a broad pool of potential candidates

  • identify and recruit known highly qualified candidates

  • screen and interview all candidates

  • recommend finalists

  • assist the board throughout the interview process


Give the Support Throughout the Transition Year

During the year following the change in leadership, Finding Leaders helps the board and new leader implement the final phase of the transition plan. This phase of the plan includes board-superintendent retreats, personality profiling, planned feedback processes, administrative team leadership development, public engagement techniques, and other leadership support strategies. In this day and age, having a transition plan is not a luxury. It is a necessity.


  1. Help you develop a preliminary profile of your new school leader.

  2. Provide statewide and nationwide exposure of your vacancy.

  3. Aggressively recruit candidates who match your profile.

  4. Utilize reliable research and effective interviewing procedures.

  5. Prepare the board for the interviewing process.

  6. Ensure that legal and ethical procedures are followed.

  7. Help you develop a leadership transition plan.

  8. Conduct a performance audit.

  9. Develop a staff and community support strategy for your new educational leader.


A well developed transition plan and implementation is not a luxury but a necessity.

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