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Tips & Pointers

Here are a few suggestions:

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  1. Determine the availability and interest of internal candidates first
  2. Start early - allow four to five months for the search if possible
  3. Engage the staff and community in the process
  4. Develop qualities and characteristics of the new leader and obtain an agreement that these will be followed
  5. Seek outside expertise to assist in the process
  6. Determine an appropriate timeline for advertising, screening, interviewing and selection
  7. A unanimous vote is highly desirable
  8. Have a clear understanding of legal and illegal processes and questioning strategies (get outside help)
  9. Establish a reliable system/method for checking references beyond those submitted
  10. Utilize a network to help identify potential candidates
  11. Don't depend on applications only.  Recruit.
  12. Develop an internal method of leadership succession
  13. Determine appropriate salary and benefits (consider survey of local and state data)

If you would like information about putting together an RFP for search firms, please contact us.  We have developed a series of questions you might want to include as you begin to screen various consultants and firms.


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