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For Those Who are Looking for Leaders

Selecting the right leader for key positions is crucial to avoid making a costly mistake that could set your organization back for many years.

The research around leadership often may seem paradoxical. Leadership is complex. The nuances and subtleties that are the characteristics of good leadership in one environment may lead to failure in another.

Research around the selection of leaders is filled with cases of mistaken assumptions, distorted information, misleading data about candidates, and ultimately poor strategic decision making during the selection process.

Photos of children and teachers in the classroom.

You should be prepared to explore a full range of possible skill levels viewed from various perspectives. Having said that, we also know that most individuals do not change greatly. We have found a remarkable consistency over time. Evaluating candidates is a daunting task. Judging different individuals as you attempt to understand their capacity for leadership is an imperfect process but is the nature of the work you are about to undertake.

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